Wiseman Chiropractic

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About Me

Who I Am

     I am Dr. D'Anira Wiseman , B.S.,D.C., the lone wolf chiropractor at Wiseman Chiropractic.  I have many techniques at hand to have the best possible outcome from your visit here.  Diverisfied, Force technique, Sacro-occipital, non-force technique, Activator technique and Thompson Drop table technique.  I also worked for many years as a massage therapist before getting my chiropractic license.  So we can do , whatever works for you  

      I am licensed in California and in Oregon as a chiropractic physician.

      I work out of my home , here , in Meiners Oaks   because I love the intimacy and privacy of my home.   It's a little eccentric but warm and cozy.

      I also carry Standard Process products for anyone who is familiar with them or has need of Nutritional remedies .  They are Organic and cold processed  food source nutrition.

Why Us?


Best crack in town,

R. Singer.  Ojai , CA

The moment you walk into the door of De Blue Fish Wiseman, you feel card for in every way!  Dr. D Wiseman is highly intuitive, extremely knowledgeable and skillful in her work, AND she has a pair of extraordinary healing hands! You cannot help but trust Dr. D implicitly and when you walk out the door there is a  sense of inner peace, health and well being at all levels. Everyone LOVES DR. D!

L. Luckenbach,

Ojai , CA.